The Art of Georgian Fanlights Renovation: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Renovating a Georgian fanlight is a delicate process that requires expertise and attention to detail. The original fanlight in question had a missing centerpiece, a circular design with decorative elements that needed to be recreated and restored. This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of this specific fanlight repair and renovation, highlighting the importance of preserving the beauty and integrity of Georgian fanlights.

Initial Assessment and Planning

Fanlights renovation

The first step in any fanlights renovation project involves an on-site visit to the client’s home to inspect the current state of the Georgian fanlight. This initial assessment allows us to understand the extent of the damage and plan the necessary repair works. Following the inspection, a detailed quote is provided, outlining the scope of the fanlights repair and the estimated cost.

Documentation and Preparation

Georgian Fanlight

Once the quote is accepted, we return to the client’s home for a thorough documentation process. We trace the shape and size of the missing elements, focusing on the central circular design with its decorative components, and take detailed photographs to aid in the recreation process. This documentation is crucial for ensuring the accuracy of the restoration.

Crafting and Assembling the Missing Elements

Georgian fanlight renovation

Back in the workshop, we embark on the meticulous task of handcrafting and casting all the missing elements of the window fanlight. This includes recreating the central circular design that is characteristic of Georgian fanlights. Each piece is carefully assembled and soldered together to match the original design as closely as possible.

Priming and Painting

Repair fanlight

Once assembled, the newly crafted element is painted with a primer to prepare it for the final color. This step ensures that the new addition will blend seamlessly with the existing structure of the fanlight.

Installation and Finishing Touches

Install georgian fanlights

The restoration process concludes with another visit to the client’s home, where the crafted element is installed in the gap left by the missing piece. The new component is then painted with metal paint to match the original fanlight’s color scheme. Glass is precisely cut and fitted into the new section, using putty to secure it in place. Finally, the entire structure is cleaned to remove any dust and grease left from the installation process.


Renovated georgian fanlight

Upon completion of the fanlights renovation, an invoice is issued, and the project is finalized with the client. This meticulous process not only restores the Georgian fanlight to its original glory but also preserves a piece of architectural history for future generations to admire.

This detailed guide to Georgian fanlight repair emphasizes the importance of skill and precision in the restoration of such historical elements. Georgian fanlights, with their unique designs and historical value, require a specialized approach to ensure their preservation and continued enjoyment.