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We are DUBLIN STAINED GLASS STUDIO, registered in Ireland under CRO NUMBER 260192 since 21st May 2008 at 283 Killinarden Estate, Dublin 24. Specializing in Georgian fanlights, we serve throughout the UK, mainly in London. Each customer is vital, and we strive to meet their unique needs.

History of Georgian Fanlights

The term „fanlight” emerged around the year 1770, denoting the semi-circular window situated above a door. Its unique design, with panes radiating outward like a fan from a central floret, soon became iconic. Originally, the primary purpose of fanlights was to let light into dim hallways. However, as their aesthetic potential was realized, they evolved into both a functional and decorative feature for entranceways.

The transformation of fanlights into decorative elements was facilitated by advancements in production methods. The earliest glazing bars for these windows were crafted from wood. Over time, materials transitioned to lead and wrought iron, granting designers a broader canvas for intricate designs and pattern variations.

Wooden fanlights took inspiration from prominent carpentry forms of the era, with designs reflecting the Chippendale, neo-Classical, and neo-Gothic styles. Particularly, the Adam brothers, renowned architects of the time, incorporated fanlights prominently in their townhouse designs. An emblematic „Adam Style” fanlight boasts radiating spokes that converge into a central orb. Each segment might be adorned with festoons, garlands, and intricate patterns such as rosettes intersecting each spoke or palmette designs marking the start and end of loops.

The Adam brothers’ influence was profound. Their designs spurred the use of cast iron for delicate patterning in fanlights. As their popularity surged, manufacturers began publishing catalogues showcasing a plethora of fanlight patterns, fostering a steady stream of innovative designs.

In England, this decorative window trend is distinctly Georgian, originating shortly after King George I’s accession in 1714 and waning early in Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901). Meanwhile, in Ireland, fanlights remained a sought-after architectural element, seamlessly transitioning from the Georgian to the Victorian eras. The 18th century saw a boom in fanlight installations in Dublin, with the trend persisting into the 19th century, especially in the developing Rathmines area.

The quintessential design of a classical fanlight, reminiscent of a sliced orange hemicycle with repeated patterns, laid the foundation for endless original designs. To this day, numerous unique fanlights can be admired in the Rathmines Township, standing testament to their enduring charm and appeal.

Step by step


Clients are encouraged to send us an email detailing their requirements for a Georgian Fanlight. This email should ideally include a photograph of the intended location and any pertinent specifications or desires.


By the following day, we’ll furnish you with an estimate crafted based on the information you’ve shared. Please note, all our quotations are exclusive of VAT.


Once you’re satisfied with our estimate, we arrange an in-person consultation at the intended installation site. We schedule these meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for your convenience.


This face-to-face session is integral to our process. We’ll delve into the specifics of your order, take accurate measurements, and design ornamental leaded details using templates and mouldings. To ensure clarity and commitment, both parties will sign a contract.


Following the agreement, clients are requested to deposit 50% of the total cost to our designated bank account. Upon confirmation of payment, we’ll provide a receipt (exclusive of VAT) and commence the manufacturing process.


The meticulous crafting of your Georgian Fanlight typically spans 3-4 weeks, ensuring precision and quality.


Once your Fanlight is ready, we’ll reach out via email to discuss and finalize a suitable date and time for installation.


On the mutually agreed date, our experts will professionally install the Georgian Fanlight, transforming the aesthetics of your space.


Post installation, we kindly request the payment of the remaining 50% balance.


Upon receipt of the final payment, clients will be furnished with an official receipt (minus VAT). We deeply value your trust and will extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing our services.

What people say

Engaging with this company for Georgian Fanlights has been an absolute delight. Their blend of historical artistry with state-of-the-art techniques ensures each piece is a masterpiece in its own right. Their commitment to preserving the charm of the Georgian style, while ensuring a fit for contemporary settings, is evident in their work. Truly, a beacon of craftsmanship in today's architectural landscape.

Pearl Rivera

This company's craftsmanship in creating Georgian Fanlights is unparalleled. They seamlessly blend historical authenticity with modern durability, resulting in pieces that are not only visually stunning but also built to last. Their attention to detail and commitment to preserving the elegance of the Georgian era is truly commendable. Highly recommended for those seeking timeless architectural elegance.

Pearl Rivera