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Explanation of process from order to realization (step by step):

1) Customers send us a request by email for an estimate with a picture of the place where Georgian Fanlight is required and some details.

2) Next day we send ready estimate based on information provided by the customer. (All prices without vat).

3) When the Customer is happy then we make an appointment “face to face” at the place where Georgian Fanlight is required. This meeting can be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4) During this meeting we discuss the details of the order, do measurements and make template and mouldings ornamental leaded details. We sign a contract with the Customer as well.

5) The Customer is then asked to pay 50% of deposit into our bank account provided and as soon as we receive payment we will start manufacturing the Georgian Fanlight. We will send receipt for this payment (without vat) to the Customer.

6) Manufacture Georgian Fanlight will take usually 3-4 weeks.

7) When Fanlight is ready we contact the Customer by email with a request of date and time of installation.

8) When time and date is agreed installation will take place.

9) The Customer will then pay the 50% of outstanding balance.

10) We will then send receipt for this payment (without vat) with thanks.




(+44) 2081444011


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